Your Magical Mind Experience

Connecting to "your" HIGHER SELF allows you to manifest with ease and remove any resistance to your true dreams and desires via a "rewire" process.




Your mind possesses innate magic, wired for miracles beyond measure. Yet, throughout your lifetime, it may have accumulated clutter from various sources such as family dynamics, erroneous beliefs, fear-driven thoughts, and even ancestral influences embedded within your DNA.

We inhabit a world that encompasses the mind, body, soul, and spirit. These elements are intricately interconnected, representing various facets of our being. The mind serves as the cognitive aspect, while the body embodies our emotions. The soul represents our spiritual essence, and the spirit forms the universal bond uniting us all.

The mind-body-spirit connection is the bridge linking these components together, enabling us to exist harmoniously in the present moment and shape our reality. This connection operates by synchronizing our thoughts, feelings, and spiritual essence in the present moment. Through this alignment, we possess the power to manifest our desires by directing our attention towards their realization.


The Magical Mind experience facilitates access to the deepest layers of our consciousness, allowing us to shed outdated, limiting beliefs that hinder our growth. When our thoughts align with our Higher Self, we unlock the ability to manifest effortlessly, transcending obstacles that obstruct our true aspirations. By employing the Attracting Grace methodology, we can authentically embrace a life filled with love and fulfillment.

The Magical Mind process employs subliminal rewiring techniques to liberate you from the confines of past limitations, guiding you towards an awareness of the abundant blessings inherent in your present reality. This transformative journey shifts your focus from dwelling on the past to embracing the profound richness of your current moment.

We give you the tools to be consistent, confident, and in control of your life so you can enjoy your life.

The good news is that we have developed a way to recognize the ego and to STILL move in the direction of our choosing. In the end, we WIN! The process must be deliberate and growth in many ways will be acknowledged and rewarded.

Continuation throughout the modules will allow you to harness the power of a process revealed in a near-death experience that will direct your higher consciousness to others who will need your energy. Friends, family, and all others can experience the level of Grace through your commitment to the process that has worked for over 2 decades.

As humans we all start off in the same place.

We are pure creative energy!

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We go for it – while playing it safe.

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We are authentic –while we conform to others' expectations.

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We are self-confident – while having self-doubt.

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We settle and stop dreaming and stop going for it.

Nearly all of us desire to create more success... But for some reason we have not.

Reasons: We are in a problem/powerless structure with what we desire.

But life happens and we never reach our potential.

We stay stuck in an oscillating pattern...never reaching our full potential and always in a struggle with themselves and the world.

There is an internal conflict.

We want to feel GOOD:





We don’t want to feel BAD:




Bad Health

Being Single

We must get out of the oscillating structure and into a flowing structure where
every end result is easy to move toward, achieve and keep for the long term.

We don't always want what we think we do. So, we fight by using outside forces....
To make real change you must connect with your - HIGHER SELF.

When you learn this process, you will have access to all the knowledge there is. We can RECODE your original instructions, manifest miraculous transformations and be the powerful creator we are intended to be.

We do this by tapping into your HIGHER SELF

Creative Energy


Stuck in a Powerless/Problem Orientation

The Creative Orientation

The Magnetic Moment (The Wizard's Gate)

Create Your True End Results

Living your Higher Self Life

In order achieve the level of HIGHER SELF consciousness, you much define and create the four building blocks of HIGHER SELF

The end result of Living the Life I Love

The end result of being the Predominant Creator in my Life

The end result of Health & Vitality

The end result of My True Nature and Purpose

This will create:

A new reality

A new structure

A new orientation

We are an energetic charge -Not a chemical reaction.

The pulsating energy charge is the central engine of our being and consciousness Quantum Physics and science can prove many of the ideas that spiritual masters have been teaching for years.

We can prove... There is no "me" and "not me" duality to our bodies in relation to the Universe. The Field...Is responsible for our minds’ highest functions. Said another way - We are a creative energy. The atom is composed of electrons and a nucleus, which consists of protons and neutrons. Atoms are extremely small. And if we are made up of atoms, what are atoms themselves made of?

They are nothing but energy vibrations!

We are energy that exists in a field of possibilities, and you will stay that way until the act of observation or measurement from consciousness "collapses" in from the wave of possibilities to a “measurable particle."

The question is, can we simply change the observation of our base structure and change our complete reality.

The answer is YES, and this is exactly what we see during a HIGHER SELF REWIRE Session! A REWIRE session connects to the ESSENCE of what we are and CHANGES THE INSTRUCTIONS (or observation) The transformations are simply amazing!

You are an energetic charge that vibrates as a certain frequency in a unified field of information that can be measured in all of us. (Think calibration and LOC)

You are BOTH an individual and you are the FIELD. You are a wave of potential that has collapsed into a body/an identity/a psyche that may enjoy the experience and the interaction with others.

The Self Conscious (or Ego) - defines itself through thought, and identity, a body, a name, and has a lifetime. Its goal is to live the best life possible.

The Unconscious (or sub-conscious) - defines itself through feeling, creates programs, and runs the body through automation. Its goal is to keep the system going and its desire is to continue with what has been working (no matter how painful to the self-conscious).

The HIGHER SELF – defines itself as a code of information, has unlimited knowledge and cannot think or feel. Its goal is to be involved in the creation.

Your HIGHER SELF has an unlimited amount of information. It can access any information needed; it is like the genie from Aladdin and can change the information in a heartbeat.

This means that when you connect to your HIGHER SELF, you can create whatever you choose for yourself.

Your HIGHER SELF is the unwritten information guiding us. It is always there. It connects all who are in a certain structure, like birds and fish, "doing what they do." The HIGHER SELF has a unique memory for each structure, species, family and individual. In humans, it has been observed that a memory or traumatic emotion can originate from as many as 7 generations in the past. This is believed to be so that we don't have to relearn what caused the pain.

To live a true, full expression in life, you must have a working relationship with your Superconscious. To understand, and to witness the Coding to your fullest expression, and REWIRE the current information to allow for a much more satisfied life. By connecting to the HIGHER SELF and with its permission, you can change instructions, memories, or coding that it delivers to an entity. When you change the instructions the HIGHER SELF gives to the unconscious, a new reality is possible. It will bring new results and new behaviors without pain or struggle. This change can happen in an instant.

You are not just your self-conscious ego

You are NOT your thoughts and feelings… you are so much more; You ARE a creative energy that is consciousness that has "observed" or decided your way into existence. Our goal here at Attracting Grace, is to remind you of all the Truth of this and to lead you back to yourself. That "self" holds so much promise for "good and pleasant" outcomes and can reduce or eliminate so many "negative" outcomes.

Whether this program is for you, your spouse, family members or other friends and associates, that is an INFORMED decision you must make. We all need this structured program, and you may choose to connect for a REWIRE session very soon!

The HIGEHR SELF is the aspect of you that connects to this information and has two primary roles:



The HIGHER SELF gives your unconscious instructions on what to do. It decides what information was important based on the memory structure downloaded from your family, species and the world. These instructions are made manifest through the behaviors in your life. When you connect to the HIGHER SELF and REWIRE the instructions, you create new possibilities for your life.

The unconscious field of information consists of feeling, body systems, traits, fear, genius and health you are allowed to experience.

The unconscious takes the information it is given and reproduces it. Remember, the only goal of the unconscious is to create the vessel (body) and keep it alive.

The HIGHER SELF accesses all information in the unified field of all possibilities and decides the instructions downloaded to the unconscious.



The second role is insight, the ability to connect to an inner vision of the past or the future, to understand the instructions given to another individual.

The ability to gain insight from the field and turn ideas into reality is how we create a life we love, access our genius intuition, invent new ideas and plan for the future. Because we have never been taught how to predictably connect to the unified field, becoming SUPERCONSCIOUS is not something we are adept at....yet!

But all of us have the ability!!

  • You can connect to the field
  • You can see what needs to be created in the future
  • You can access what is needed for others
  • You can connect to the same information as another
  • You can turn life info a wonderful creation instead of a structure
  • You can gain access to what and who you really are
  • You can remember who you are and reconnect to the HIGHERSELF awareness and life will be so much enjoyable, fun, easy and playful