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When I started attending Attracting Grace, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to continue attracting as much grace as possible. I have learned to understand my Level of Consciousness, also the meaning of domestication and how it has affected my decision making through the years. Another aspect is discovering things that are holding me from achieving living the life I want, this is a work in progress. The Attracting Grace program morphed into the Magical Mind program which is expanding my thinking and viewing life. I am excited to be a part of the Magical Mind program and know this is a program many can benefit from.

- Corning, NY

Working with Mike and the Attracting Grace group has been amazing! I highly recommend Mike and the community he builds. The community is filled with support and being uplifted. Through weekly calls you are lifted and have the opportunity to share how you are doing and what you want to work on. He has classes to learn the material and they are fun, deep and transformative. Personally, I have made gigantic shifts from this...all for the better. Many areas of life have gotten easier, smoother and overall improved more than I thought possible. I am literally waking up every day saying how much I love my life!! If you are looking for a group that is kind, caring and supportive you found it!!

- Dallas, TX

In my time with the program, I have witnessed wonderful and miraculous results. I am deaf and for the first time in my life, I experienced an actual measurable improvement in my hearing. As well, my relationships, my finances, and my overall well-being have all been wonderfully elevated through this work. I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to improve and elevate their lives to new and wonderful heights. A genuine and heartfelt Thank You for creating and facilitating such magnificence.

- Dallas, TX

Found a tribe of like minded people supporting me to be the BEST version of myself in my life's purpose journey.

- Charlotte, NC

I am always on the lookout for books, podcasts, seminars, etc., that will help me grow. I joined the Attracting Grace program a few months ago, and it has had a big impact on me. It has greatly improved how I view life, and Mike's willingness to help everyone in the group is very clear!

- Plano, TX

I learned that I would not die if I said 'no' to any of my family members. Somehow, I had been under the impression that if I said 'no' to anyone, horrible things would happen. With that burden released, I am free to create my life the way I choose...not the way others want me to be.

- Raleigh, NC

My private sessions were simply unbelievable. I was able to let go of so much pain and hurt. I recognized that what I was holding onto was not serving me...indeed it was harming me. From that perspective, the 'aha moment' was very powerful.

- Pittsburgh, PA

When I learned that everything is energy and that I could change my patterns, I was thrilled, and I didn't know what that meant. But at least I had hope for the first time in a long time. Once we got into the issues and situations that were causing me to be paralyzed. I was free to create patterns that really helped me to recognize my dreams.

- Princeton, TX

My experience ranged from insightful to transformational. When I at least expected it, things often showed up that I thought had been well hidden from me. These classes can be very healing if you are open to healing.

- Charlotte, NC

Make your intention BIG. It will manifest! My life is living proof of the power of these courses!

- Richmond, VA