Learn the Secret to Attract More Grace into Your Life.

Discover the Path to Greater Happiness and Overall Joy.


You will be able to overcome any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

In various aspects of related science, consciousness plays a role in everything we share with you.

For instance, Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Neuroscience and ancient wisdom via teachers and coaches like David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD, Chris Duncan, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and the HeartMath organization play a huge role in what we call creating and accessing the magical mind.

We are creating a newer operating manual designed to support us in the ultimate creation of our life.

Every aspect of what we have shared in the Attracting Grace seminar series is incorporated in the newest version of excellence outlined in the curriculum.

Your future – if you can do this – is filled with...




Most of us feel like we have overcome an issue only to find the issues keep popping up over and over ultimately leading to a sense of defeat and giving up on making permanent change.

Attracting Grace offers the permanent AND powerful support needed to move into the future you truly desire by focusing on your present situation. As you have heard before, “Your best thinking got you here…How’s that working out for you?”

Working with an Attracting Grace coach or group helps you achieve meaningful results based on your intentions in areas such as:

Family of Origin Issues

Marriage and Relationships


Health and Well-Being

Professional and Career

Personal Development




Relaxation and Fun

Attracting Grace focuses on your calibrated levels of truth in many key areas of your life. In this way, a simple energy diagnostic is done to determine your level of consciousness with key areas that are seemingly driving your life.

Simply put, the energetic field and the charge you hold determine the experiences in your life. Change the “field” and you change everything about your life. Words simply do not do this process justice as it is an internal shift that takes place…which then affects everything in your outer world.

Why is this process so effective?

Actually, it is quite simple…in a complex way. We draw to us experiences that come from our UN-conscious. By definition, as unconscious energy patterns, we are unaware of the power they hold and the manner with which they create in our lives. Have you ever wondered….WHY DID THAT HAPPEN? WHAT WAS I THINKING? Whether you understand what “made” you do something or not, it is your unconscious tendencies that deliver on the karmic potential you are here to understand and overcome.

This isn’t about fixing you…it’s about creating from a higher level. We can’t solve a problem from the level it was created…we must come from a higher place. And so we do.

Attracting Grace will help you identify the primary boulders that are affecting your life and we come to terms with them in a number of various ways appropriate to the situation.


Attracting Grace is a unique and powerful process that helps you move forward in life by focusing on the present moment. It’s calibratable, meaning it can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. This means it will work with any goal or desire!

Working together, we can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

You deserve more out of life than what you have right now. Let me help guide your path towards achieving your dreams and goals so that they become reality instead of just existing as an idea or thought inside of your mind. Attracting Grace is here for those who need guidance and support moving forward into the unknown but exciting future ahead of them!