Being your Authentic Self through Power, Compassion and Forgiveness

I discovered I still have a belief in myself that I have to be like everyone else – that I’m different, but I’m supposed to be the same.

As long as I hold this belief, I will be miserable in the company of anyone, constantly seeking validation that I’m on the right path. This means I always have the need to be validated that I’m right.

 So I had to ask myself…

Why isn’t it okay to be different?

Why isn’t it okay to just chill out, and not worry about people’s reaction to me?

There is absolutely zero I can do about anyone’s reaction.

Maybe I attracted it, but it’s my response, not the action, that holds the real power.

When you hold negativity towards others, you’re effectively giving all of your power away to them, which they will in turn use against you just as you’re using theirs against them.

Here is where compassion – the missing piece – comes in.

I had to learn the hardest lesson: disconnecting.

When people give me their power through negative emotion, especially anger, I must disconnect – even if just for a split second — and observe the emotion when it hits. It’s important to breathe and remember that the other person has just given away their power.

Are they feeling happy or feeling love by any means? Surely not. They are feeling vulnerable, scared, and negatively triggered, so when I return the negative emotion, I have now given all of my power back to them. And because the Law of Attraction multiplies like with like, my own negative response is given back tenfold. It’s a cycle perpetuated by me and my own choice, or you and yours.

Now in this situation it’s me that’s powerless. And now I also feel terrible, and it’s possibly worsening by the minute. And since the Law of attraction is now operating in full force, I find myself holding toxic energy with no idea how to transmute it – so I give it to others so they can figure it out, instead.

In my experience, my belief that I had to be “not me” has attracted many painful things – something that’s still an issue from time to time, I must admit.

What I didn’t understand was that people got frustrated because they also felt this way, and I was simply unaware. They wanted me to be me, and I wanted to be them. How can any conversation work with this dynamic going on, where each party feels like the victim?

By showing compassion to myself at the moment someone gives me negative emotion, I have found that I stay in integrity and become a healer to the situation. It is resolved in a healthy way instead of escalating in arguments.

It isn’t ever personal.

So with that in mind, I finally began to teach myself how to transmute negative emotions myself rather than forcing them upon others and perpetuating the never-ending cycle of pain. The energies are received, but instead of giving back the same pain I’m receiving in greater force, I give the greatest gift taught to us by Jesus – Forgiveness. Instead of responding in a like manner, I now choose to respond in love, even when it feels difficult to do.

Being your Authentic Self through Power, Compassion, and Forgiveness

So really, learn. Practice and consistently find that split second of clarity through the beautiful emotional guidance system we all have until you can allow yourself a focused breath in this fraction of second. Until we all take advantage of all that has been taught, we will be stuck, forced on neverending emotional rollercoasters of experiences and harsh lessons.

 If nothing else, I think about the folks going along the ride with us.

Another important thing I learned is that I must first give myself forgiveness for attracting negative behavior, before giving that same forgiveness to the ones who gave it to us in the first place. We are all human, after all – and because not all of us understand as much as others, there will always be negativity. It’s part of our experience, and that’s okay – you didn’t make a mistake because it happened. Forgive yourself and understand that it’s how you handle it that really matters.

Because I am love and you are love, there is always room in the soul for forgiveness, because love has no room for grudges and God always forgives.

The Lord’s Prayer teaches us exactly this.

The Lord’s Prayer  

(Translated from Aramaic, Dr. Rocco A. Errico)

“Our Father, who is everywhere 

Your name is scared. 

Your kingdom is come. 

Your will is throughout the earth 

Even as it is throughout the universe. 

You give us our needful bread from day to day, 

*And you forgive us our offenses 

Even as we forgive our offenders. 

And you let us not enter into materialism, 

But you separate us from error. 

Because yours is the kingdom, the power, and the song and praise. 

From all ages, throughout all ages. 

(Sealed) in faith, trust, and truth.” 

Being your authentic self means to encompass Compassion, Power, and Forgiveness. One day people will see what you and I see, but we must master who and what we are meant to be to experience what we truly want – peace and love, above all else.

I must be it to see it. I must be love, I must be peace in order to create peace. And this time, I am committed. Determined.

I swear that this time, I will do my part. My part – not someone else’s.

Because that “someone else” is already played by someone.


So, dear reader, I must now ask;

Will you learn, and play your beautiful part in creating good?


Step into the realm of infinite possibilities and watch your life transform before your eyes. Let’s attract grace together!


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