A Letter to My Unconscious Mind

Struggling to create a life you love? Battling inner turmoil and health issues?

I’ve been there too. With an invisible disability, I found it hard to express my needs, leading to frustration and self-doubt. I named this inner struggle “Niki” after a name I disliked from childhood.

I became a people-pleaser, burying and abandoning my true self. I was seen as highly proficient but constantly held onto toxic pain from the past. It trapped me in a cycle of reacting to life, not choosing consciously. Then, suddenly, I realized the mind wasn’t me; it was a product of conditioning.

I learned a vital lesson: Do not believe everything you think. You can change and create a better life. I started writing to my unconscious mind, finding relief and a new way of being.

Now, I’m the Predominant Creator of my life, embracing the present, and letting go of the past’s pain. I’m now loving every moment with gratitude. I hope this inspires you to do the same.

Unconscious Mind


Dear My Unconscious Mind, whom I loving call Niki,

I wish to establish a more harmonious relationship with you, recognizing your essential role in my life. By working together, we can achieve greater synergy and benefit both of us. I understand you hold on to ingrained thought patterns and feelings from our upbringing, relying on what’s comfortable. While this served a purpose in childhood and part of our adulthood, it is now failing to serve us well.

Your protective and well-intentioned instincts can sometimes be overly cautious. This prevents me from experiencing the emotions and challenges that help me grow. Avoiding discomfort and pain limits our experiences and learning necessary for growth.

Your tough-love strategies, like comparison, criticism, and self-doubt, can make it difficult to believe in our worth. We need to recognize that we are good enough as we are. Preparing for worst-case scenarios, although well-meaning, can create unnecessary fear and worry. We must learn to manage these thoughts without letting them dominate our minds.

Your rich perceptions are valuable, but rigidity can hinder our growth and openness to new perspectives. Your tendency to overthink, worry, or ruminate becomes exhausting. Instead, we should welcome all thoughts and feelings with love and care, learning from them and focusing on our values.

I fully commit to behaving in alignment with my values, focusing on the present, and being curious about our thoughts. The goal is not to eliminate thoughts, but to reduce their influence. I understand that self-compassion is vital, even in the face of inner “noise.” I aim to embrace myself fully, fostering self-love and self-belief.

I appreciate your role as part of my complex brain and physiological self. I will work to appreciate and align with you, acknowledging that, like me, you are enough.

Here’s to us being significant together. I look forward to our new life full of compassion, forgiveness, and above all, LOVE.

Warm Regards,


Step into the realm of infinite possibilities and watch your life transform before your eyes. Let’s attract grace together!


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