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This week’s blog will discuss how we can cultivate and embody a loving relationship with ourselves. Do you have a healthy and loving, or an unhealthy relationship with yourself? Or maybe a push and pull of both? How we treat ourselves shows up consciously and unconsciously in our behavior patterns and cycles in all our relationships and environment.

If we are unable to love ourselves, we can’t truly love another or accept love from others. An opportunity of love could be right in front of our faces. However, we may not be in the right energy space within ourselves to be able to see it. Here are just some self-sabotaging scenarios that we may experience when self-love is absent. Perhaps we reject or push love away because we feel unworthy or undeserving of it. We may think that we are not allowed to be happy. Perhaps we treat those we love and care about poorly because that is the only dynamic we know. How you treat a person is a mirror image reflection of how you feel inside.

Think of total mind, body, and soul. Let’s start with the mind. Your unconscious mind is like a computer database. It takes everything as a suggestion, whether that input is positive or negative. We have the ability to restructure and recode negative, harmful, or disempowering thoughts. Examples can be many. It could be anything from negative self-talk, hating ourselves and telling ourselves that we are not worthy, not good enough, not capable, not significant, not perfect, not belonging, etc.


What can we do to change this? We can focus on feeding ourselves with loving, positive thoughts and feelings. We can bring our attention inwards and know we are worthy, good enough, capable, significant, perfect as we are and belong. It may be difficult for some people to shift out of a negative mindset. Perhaps you conditioned yourself with negative thoughts and feelings for years or you are around toxic people. If so, you can change the structure of your environment. Surround yourself with a healthy environment that fosters love and support. Perhaps you are experiencing difficulty shifting your mindset because of how others viewed you, spoke to you, or did things that made you feel a certain way about yourself. That doesn’t mean it’s true. Release the past, let it go.

Instead, have consistent practice each day. It only takes a few minutes throughout your day. It can be something simple, such as thinking loving thoughts. You can look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself I love you. You can write yourself a love letter. There are various self-love practices you can come up with that feel good and will work for you. If you don’t know where to start, think of positive attributes of you and tell yourself those things. Some days you may think and feel that you are not doing so well and that is okay. This is where you give yourself some patience, grace, and kindness. Self-discipline and repetition are the key. The more you feed yourself with loving, healthy thoughts and feel them, the more your unconscious will accept these thoughts as truths and reflect them in your reality.

Sending you unconditional love and peace.

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