Balancing the Ego | Part 3

In Part 2 of Balancing the Ego, we briefly talked about can we can identify the ego versus intuition. In addition, shifting our focus from a problem structure and into a creative structure. We even had some fun giving our ego a name and visually imagining what it looks like to us.

Let’s talk a little more about shifting our focus from an ego driven reality to our chosen desired reality. If we choose, we can be the predominant creators in our life and take our power back. We are our own authority and validation not the ego.

We can start having fun living the life that we love, living our true nature and purpose, and having health and vitality. How do we identify what these things look like and feel like? Personally, some of my choices include total financial freedom and abundance. Additional choices for me included a successful business as a speaker, writer and content creator who is helping people and raising consciousness and awareness. Furthermore, health and vitality mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is not just physical health. It is total overall health in all areas of life. I choose these things just because I choose so and I love it! Who is excited about leading your own ship, creating your own life, and what it looks like and feels like?

I invite you to take the time to take a dive into the creative structure and identify what being the predominant creator in your life, living the life that you love, living your true nature and purpose, and health and vitality looks and feels like to you. There are 5 helpful steps to consciously create your desired reality. First, choose a true goal and align with the end result of that goal. Second, create a structural tension and pull yourself towards what you desire to create. Third, get into the emotion of the end result and into the person you want to be (creative structure) versus the person you need to fix (problem structure). Fourth, unplug and recode. Replace old habits, beliefs, and feelings with new ones and step into the new reality. Last, align your actions with your true goals to create momentum and propel you forward.

Balancing Ego

When we identify what we choose as our desired reality, it is not just thinking or writing about these 4 core choices. There is so much more to make it happen. You need to visualize and experience the feeling and emotion of actually living the end result NOW. You have to be it to see it. Put yourself in the right structure and environment each day. The structure is like a rubber band. Enough tension needs to be created to propel you towards your desired reality. It is like taking a road trip from your current starting point and driving towards your desired destination. Start with the tension of moving towards the desired reality at 25%, 50%, 75% then at 100% arriving at your destination. Continue to focus on your desired reality each day and the undesired reality ceases to exist.

Why do we do visualize, getting into the feeling and emotion, and then taking the next right action steps? So, the ego will get use to and be comfortable enough to accept the new desired reality. Otherwise, the ego will reject it or somehow find a way to sabotage it when you have it.

Sending you unconditional love and peace.


Step into the realm of infinite possibilities and watch your life transform before your eyes. Let’s attract grace together!

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