Balancing the Ego | Part 2

In Part 1 of Balancing the Ego, we briefly identified some examples of how ego may consciously and unconsciously show up in our lives. What can we do to get a better understanding of the ego and how can we work with it?

First, let’s discuss how can we differentiate when ego is showing up versus when our intuition is talking.

Ego is that voice in our heads that constantly runs marathons of overthinking, confusion, and constant questioning. Ego can consciously or unconsciously trigger and reinforce old programming we learned from age 0-5 and those passed down from previous generations. In addition, ego can keep us in various self-sabotaging end results and a fixing/problem solving structure. The fixing/problem solving structure constantly tries to “fix” an aspect or problem to only be met with another once the prior is resolved. Thus, the never-ending cycle of fixing and problem solving continues.

Intuition is that gentle impression, knowing, and understanding that comes from the soul. It bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind. It can suddenly appear in consciousness as a direct knowing about something or what to do without a rational thought that comes through. As the predominant creators in our lives, our goal is to move from the egoic problem solving structure and into the creative structure where we choose to create the life we love and live our true nature and purpose simply because we choose so and love it.

How can we work with our egos? Initially, when I first started working with the ego, I looked at it as a problem. This strategy propelled me into a fixing/problem structure which did not work. My next idea was ignoring my ego and pretending that it didn’t exist. That strategy also did not succeed. You can only ignore ego for so long before the chatter in the mind gets louder. Ego will keep doing what it always does in a vicious cycle until it is addressed. The next steps from my intuition were clear. Shift from a problem structure and into a creative structure. From this perspective, I began parenting the ego in mercy and severity and working with it together as a team.

Intuition led the way. I now viewed ego from the perspective of playing a fun game of co-creating my life with me as a team instead of ruling my life unconsciously for me. Instead of trying to problem solve, get rid of, and banish my ego in a cave never to be seen or talked about again, I befriended it. Some of you may be thinking…What? Be friends with your ego. Why would I want to do that? Initially, I had the same sentiments. My logical mind thought that was a crazy thing to do yet my intuition told me otherwise. I made the conscious choice to work with my ego as a co-creating team. I am the predominant creator, leader, coach, and main personality of this team. Ego was a part of this team.

I like to present to you my ego called Ms. Kiwi. Now picture this. Ms. Kiwi looks like a giant kiwi shaped pillow. This pillow is green with two eyes, a nose, and a funny smile. Can you envision that picture? It always gives me a chuckle. When Ms. Kiwi acts right, she can come out to play, is hugged, loved, and gets to eat a chocolate chip cookie now and then. When Ms. Kiwi needs to get in check, she gets a stern talking to and placed back into her fruit bowl in time out. It is a delicate balance of parenting with mercy and severity.

What a perspective! We can identify when our ego comes out, give it a name, and work with our ego in balance versus letting it run wild in our lives.

Stayed tuned for Part 3 coming soon.

Sending you unconditional love and peace.

Manda Scott

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