Balancing the Ego | Part 1

The other day, I was sitting at a cafe eating a giant pancake with maple syrup accompanying it with an almond milk mocha latte. What a sweet treat! Yum! A fellow coach and I were texting back and forth about me writing a blog. I continued having a casual discussion with him about working with the ego as a team in balance with mercy and severity. Bam! Right there in my face was the intuitive message! This is what you shall write about, the ego!

Everyone has an ego. The ego can be fine and dandy some days. Other days, the ego can be challenging. So, I invite you into a discussion about ego experiences and reflections. Can we co-parent and balance our ego in a healthy way? Oh yes, we can! When I first started working with ego and observing its patterns, I thought geez…It’s there. It is annoying. It can wreck all kinds of havoc self-sabotaging self and others in various ways. This has got to stop!

Some of the ego’s behaviors and strategies can easily be seen and noticed consciously. The most obvious of all ego traits observed is reacting and acting out. This can come about in the egos attempts to further feed itself or provide some kind of validation for unconscious beliefs of not being worthy, good enough, capable, significant, perfect and belonging. Things would be taken personal, neediness or co-dependency can arise, unconstructive behaviors can be present, and sometimes pride and the need to be “right” was the answer.

Balancing the ego

The ego can also take on another side and angle that takes a little more digging to uncover. It has some methods apart from the obvious that are hidden. Its crafty methods would do its best to remain undetected or masked with whatever construct it can come up. If the ego has never been addressed, managed, and left to run wild in its own accords, it has the capability to go to any levels and lengths to achieve its self-serving goals. This can come out in all kinds of ways unconsciously or consciously. The ego can work in the background planning, overthinking, self-sabotaging, manipulating, and so forth. It can paint certain pictures and perspectives of itself or others that may not be accurate or a skewed truth. It will use and construct whatever methods necessary to suit its justification.

It is also like watching a child with a temper tantrum not wanting to eat its vegetables. Instead, it would just throw all the veggies all over the place in a complete mess. Later, the parent has to come around, be responsible, and clean up the ego’s mess. Sometimes feelings of guilt, shame and regret would arise after the ego was unleashed. However, we can let go of that old structure and create a different structure.

We all have the choice to be the predominant Creator in our lives. We all have the capability to identify the egos behaviors and patterns within ourselves and those that play out when interacting with another’s ego. We can observe when we or another person is coming from ego and not take things personal. When we do not take things personal, things become a little easier.

In that present egoic moment or event, there may just not be the awareness of what is occurring. If there was, no one would consciously choose to hurt themselves or another. We start gaining the wisdom and understanding that either ourselves or that person is doing the best that they can with the level of consciousness and awareness currently held. An opportunity available to us thus presents itself to forgive ourselves and others. This helps us grow and move forward into our best selves and as a collective with greater love, compassion, grace, and peace within oneself.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

Sending you unconditional love and peace.

Manda Scott

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